Artifical Intelligence: Grasp the potential, avoid the risks


Artifical Intelligence: Grasp the potential, avoid the risks


Lawyer, mediator, artist

A little background


Valentine Goddard is a lawyer and a recognized expert on the ethical and social implications of artificial intelligence (AI). She is a certified mediator, an artist and a social impact strategist. She is also the founder and executive director of the AI Impact Alliance (also known as AIIA). 

She founded and is the chief architect of AI on a Social Mission, AIIA's flagship yearly conference. Since 2017, her organization, with the collaborating of AI researchers and civil society organizations from around the globe, is planning workshops aimed at supporting an inclusive dialogue on issues related to AI societal impact. She is regularly invited to speak at various conferences and workshops on AI’s ethical and social implications. 

Over the course of her career, as a lawyer and certified mediator, she has practiced refugee, labour, social and administrative law in addition to lobbying for a better access to justice.  She has taught comparative law in Japan and initiated cultural mediation projects aimed at human rights education. 

In short, human dignity is at the heart of her multidisciplinary approach to nurturing the development of AI for Sustainable Development Goals."

• Member of the United Nations Expert Group on the Role of Public Institutions on the Impact of New Technology;

• Member of the steering committee responsible for defining the role of the future International AI Organization, an international organization aimed at reviewing all initiatives regarding ethical and normative frameworks relative to the governance of AI; 

• Founding member of the International Observatory on the Ethical and Social Impact of AI (IOSAID);

• Part of the Stakeholders Planning Meeting (ICGAI 2018) on the Governance of AI, organized by UN Global Pulse in association with WTN and BGI4AI;

• Co-chair of NeurIPS 2018 AI for Social Good, December 7th, 2019, Montreal;

• Co-chair the AI and Society Workshop for the 87th ACFAS Summit, May 29th 2019, Gatineau;

• Guest lecturer at the University of Montreal’s Summer School “The political implications of AI” as well as a regular lecturer at McGill University;

• Advisory Board Member on the AI and Smart Cities Committee at ICTC.

Her resume is available on demand and is also posted on her Linked in page.


Art Impact AI: National Dialogue on AI

A national dialogue on AI with artists. What potential can IA offer for art and creativity?

This 1-day workshop will not only equip artists to understand the implications and opportunities of artificial intelligence but also imagine the appropriate artistic and political responses to world that will be significantly altered by the introduction of these technologies. 

We need artists not only using these tools, but informing the conversation about how these tools will be deployed, and to whose benefit. 

  • Hands-on experience with AI in a non-technical way
  • Notes from the field on how it is being deployed
  • Considerations for Nunavut creators and communities
  • How can communities respond (making sense)
  • Shared response - what's next?
  • Action and recommendations

Art Impact AI Calendar

AI on a Social Mission Conference

Yoshua Bengio, Turing prize winner, pioneer of deep learning, on the social impact of AI, at AIOSM.

AI on a Social Mission Conference, is a major international workshop, involving top level experts in AI. 

This annual gathering of great minds and caring souls is designed to facilitate a cross sectoral and multidisciplinary dialogue on the ethical and social implications of AI. 

We showcase Start ups that use AI for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We discuss how to make the benefits of AI accessible to humanity and leave no one behind. 

The policy recommendations issued by its participants are shared worldwide.

Go to AIOASM2020

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